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Main Attractions near Hotel Los Caneyes

Memorial Ernesto Che Guevara

Santa Clara Che MonumentIn the same center of our Island, in Santa Clara sunny city, is the Sculptural Complex Brief Commandant Ernesto Che Guevara, place where they rest from October 17 1997 the Heroic Guerrilla's fighter's mortal remains, Commanding Ernesto Che Guevara, next to those of their fight partners in the Bolivian guerrilla.

he Brief was projected by the architects Blanca Hernández Guivernau and Jorge Cao Campos, in a solemn, modest, small but grandiose atmosphere, replica of Latin American forest, of the scenarios of the Guerrilla fighter from America, the niches of Che and the guerrilla's members are. An eternal flame flames to the memory of the guerrillas fighters.

Catedral of Santa Clara de Asis

Santa Clara CatedralIt is the most important religious building in the city.

The much argued-about church was built in 1923 after the pull down of the original one in Parque Vidal. Neo Gothic in style, it guards a wonderful collection of lead stained glass windows, the original marble "pilon" or holy water basin used to baptize the citizens since the very birth of the city (those thereby baptized are called "pilongos"), the statue of Jesus in the upper front holds a monstrance which is said is made out of pure gold. But the most impressive piece of art is the larger than life statue of Mother Mary inside the structure locally known as “la Virgen del camino” (Travelers' Virgin).

This statue used to be, at the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, on the road to Havana as a way to bless the incoming or outgoing travelers to the city. It was pulled down pull down soon after and it disappeared for more than three decades. It was finally re-discovered around 1995 in a ditch, roofed by soil and undergrowth. Already forgotten by the citizens of Santa Clara, a political battle ensued to decide whether taking it to a museum or giving it to the church. It was finally granted to the religious authorities.

La Caridad Theater

Santa Clara La Caridad Theater

Built between 1884 and 1885. Donated by Marta Abreu to Santa Clara town for charitable works.

It is considered as one of the coliseums of the XIX best century conserved in Cuba for whose scenario has paraded you celebrate national and foreign artists, among them the Italian great tenor Enrico Caruso.

It is one of the most outstanding buildings in Santa Clara city for their architectural values. It possesses valuable easel paintings in the reinforcement roof of the main room, as well as sculptures and painting mural in the lobby.

Leoncio Vidal Park

Leoncio Vidal Park, Santa Clara

Conceived as relaxations square and recess from the same foundation of the village, National Monument is declared from 1999. Starting from him the first streets of the village were traced.

In 1899 decides to name him Park Leoncio Vidal Caro, in honor to a colonel of the Liberator Army fallen in this place in March of 1896, during the assault to the city.

Inside the structure of the Park several commemorative monuments are located, as a Shaft, several statues and an Arbor built in 1911 and in the one which at the moment concentrate hundreds of people to listen to Music's Municipal Band


The Armored Train, National Monument

Santa Clara Armored Train

December 29, 1971 were erected a monument in the historical scenario where took place the heroic action:  the derailment, the assault and the taking of the Armored Train of the batistiana tyranny.

The derailment action, assault and taking of the Armored Train of the tyranny, for the rebellious troops of the column No.8 Ciro Redondo, directed by the Commandant Ernesto Guevara, was one of the most outstanding facts in the last stage of the great geste Cuban insurrectional.

The train was integrated by members of the body of Engineering of the Army of Cambric and with an enormous load of equipment of war and a high number of soldiers.

Courthouse well-known "La Audiencia"

Santa Clara Courthouse

To be declared Local Monument in December 30, 1991. It is located in Carretera Central y Paseo de la Paz, is a civil construction built among the years of 1927 and 1929 during Machado government.

From half-filled of the XIX century in those lands a wide well-known barracks existed as Barracks of Tarragona of which a wall fragment is conserved which served as shooting wall during the war of 1895.

his construction commonly denominated as The Audience has had an important significance for the national history. Among the causes there open is the trial of December 14 from 1950 to Fidel Castro and Enrique Benavides, where Fidel assumed his self-defense for the first time.

Capiro Hill

Santa Clara Capiro Hill

Strategically point of the battle of Santa Clara and the victory of the rebellious army, this group is constituted by three elevations.

The smallest and western with 176.5 m of height and the two almost twin remaining summits, acquaintance as Dos Sisters with bench marks of 185.9 m and 188.4 m respectively.

The Capiro Hill is a symbol of the city, supply of fruits, medicinal plants and other goods; it was scenario of combats during Santa Clara Battle in the liberating war of 1959. 

It also possesses a strategic location, landscape value and magnificent visual conditions on the city. In her a monument was summoned carried out by José Delarra in the year 1988 that it represents the union of different projected calibers of firearms toward the sky united by a hoop. The sculpture represents the defense of the sky of the Homeland and it rests on a marble base.

National Monument of the Republic of Cuba was declared January 30 1990 next to the Armored Train.

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